ROOTS Rugby Family, Inc.

EST. 2019

We are a non-profit organization, created to give Brothers and Sisters of the African diaspora opportunities to grow and show through rugby. Rugby is more than a game, it changes lives and builds family bonds that last lifetimes.

Our Family

Become a Player

We want to offer players the chance to play at a higher level that they may not receive elsewhere. Allowing players to show and grow their potential against good competition.

Become a Coach

We want to give coaches the opportunity to grow as well and share their knowledge to our players. We are looking for coaches that can share in and understand our programs culture and expand on it.

Become a Supporter

With everything in life, there comes a cost. Our players do not always have the funds to travel and play in tournaments. You can be the one to make a difference and give a player a chance of a lifetime. Contact us to find out how.

Our Mission

ROOTS is an afro-centric rugby organization whose mission is to expose players of the African diaspora to the upper echelons of competitive rugby. In their pursuit of excellence, the players will also learn about themselves and their people and be willing to pass their experiences on to their respective communities. Overall, ROOTS will aim to build a stronger sense of diversity, equity, and empathy amongst the rugby community.

In Our First Year

2019 Las Vegas 7’s Men’s Aces Division Champions

Competed and won the first women’s rugby league 9s match on American soil.

Carolina 9s Men’s Division Champions

Carolina 9s Women’s Divison Champions

London 9s Men’s Cup Runners Up

London 9s Women’s Cup Champions

New York 7’s Men’s Cup Runners Up

Men’s program reached a Cup Final in every tournament ROOTS entered in 2019.


What Players Say

“I had started to lose my love for the game, and fell into a depression, but playing for ROOTS changed that. It ignited my flame and gave me a new love for the game and myself.”

“I’ve always been the odd person out in my club. Singled out because of my race and not fully fitting in with the culture. It was amazing to be able to play with people that look like me and share in the same everyday struggles.”

“This is bigger than rugby, what we’re doing and who we stand for brings a different meaning to the game and every play.”

“ROOTS isn’t just some team, it’s your birthright. It is a family that you were already born in to but are now finally coming together. Even if you’re not playing for the team, you are still part of the Family!”

How To Join ROOTS

For all interested in playing, coaching or joining the staff for ROOTS please click the button below and fill out the informational.

We are announcing our suspension of rugby tours and activities for 2020. With the ongoing uncertainty of Covid-19 and the continuation of racism and police brutality, our focus is needed off the pitch in our communities.
We aim to return in 2021 with our first tour being the HBCU Rugby Classic. Until then we encourage our players and family to not be quiet in times of injustice and to let your voices be heard. No matter your race, police brutality is wrong and taking a stand against it doesn’t mean you stand against police but against the injustices given at the hands of the people sworn to protect an serve.